10MMCFD processing plant with a 200GPM amine unit and a refrigerated JT unit for Greenleaf CO2 Solutions, Wayne County, Mississippi

Setting a 6' X 27' heater with our 36 ton crane

220 MMCFD meter station and injection pumps built for Greenleaf CO2 solutions West Yellow Creek CO2 flood project.

Custom built vapor recovery systems

SPCC storage tank containment improvements for a customer in Petal, MS.

Setting 30,000 gallon LPG tank for Flare LLC  and Denbury Resources in Eucutta Field in Wayne County, MS.

Process plant site permatizing for a customer central Mississippi.

Natural gasoline terminal for a customer in Petal, MS.

LPG tank farm installation at an aerosol packaging facility in central Georgia.

Heater Installation for customer in Mississippi.

Compressor foundation and installation for customer in central Mississippi.

500MCF per day JT plant installed for Flare LLC in Homer, LA.

5GMP amine unit reconditioned and installed for Flare LLC and Edge Petroleum in south Alabama.

2-10MMCF per day plants installed in south Alabama for Flare LLC.

20MMCF per day C02 injection, production and cycling facility installed for Tellus Operating Group in Raleigh, MS.

Projects Completed

  • Assisted Flare, LLC in replacement of the Butler Street plant in South Alabama, from a 1.5 MMcfd plant to a 3.0 MMcfd mechanical refrigeration plant.
  • Assisted Flare, LLC in reconditioning, installation, and start-up of a 60 GPM amine unit, for Meridian Resources, at Laccasine, LA.
  • Worked as Construction Superintendent for DPI, on construction of a 250 ton, per-day CO2 purification and liquefaction plant located in New Orleans, LA.  Project involved installation of 800', of 18" HDPE line, under and around multiple infrastructure, (including municipal street and multiple utilities beneath the street), site prep, pile driving, equipment setting, hookup, and startup. Worked as assistant to project manager and with project engineers to help ensure contractors preformed properly.  Assist DPI with day-to-day operations of the facility.
  • Work as Superintendent and production foreman, for Canecutter production Co., on operated properties, consisting of two deep plunger lift gas/condensate wells in South Alabama.
  • Through Southeastern Geo-chem Inc., serve as Manager of White-Tail Exploration, a company engaged in utilizing Geo-Chemical techniques to explore for Oil and Gas.
  • Assist Mobile Welding and Engineering Works of Montego Bay, Jamaica, in evaluating and procuring a 450 ton-class hydraulic crane.  Mobilize equipment for a Caribbean project.
  • Numerous Geo-Chemical surveys in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.
  • Work-over superintendent for Junction City Oil Co., on shallow producing wells, in Clarke County, Mississippi. 
  • Complete dismantling and abatement of a 32 MMCFD lean oil plant in South Louisiana.
  • Recently completed a natural gasoline terminal for DPI in Petal, Mississippi which consisted of 8 rail car loading spots, 2 truck unloading spots, and 2000 bbl of storage.
  • Reconditioned 2 refrigerated J-T plants, for Tellus Operating Group.  Installed and started up 1 of these units, along with installation of NGL storage.
  • Lead contractor for Tellus Operating Group on new construction, of a 20 MMCFD CO2, separation, injection, and cycling facility in Smith County, Mississippi.  Provided site-prep, foundation, piping and commissioning support for project.
  • Installation of a five-product, aerosol, storage-tank farm, at a central Georgia LPG filling plant.  Project included installation of five, 4,000 to 12,000 gallon, LPG tanks with associated piping, pipe supports, pumps, safety systems, etc.
  • Installation of two-temporary, 18,000 gal., LPG trailers on pipeline slug-catcher, for Rosetta Resouces, Catarina, TX.
  • Installation of a permanent, 42,000 gal., LPG storage tank, for Rosetta Resouces, Catarina, TX.
  • Fabrication of a custom vapor recovery/condenser system for a customer in Louisiana.
  • Re-conditioning and installation of a 10 MMCFD mechanical refrigerated J-T plant along with a 200 GPM amine unit in Wayne County, Mississippi.  Scope of work included fabricating and re-packaging the refrigeration skid, re-conditioning the amine pump skid, working with company engineers on plant installation, I&E installation and interconnecting pipe fabrication and installation.
  • Installation of a butane vapor/liquid rail rack header system along with truck loading/unloading for Seminole Energy, Rogersville, TN.
  • Lead contractor for Greenleaf CO2 Solutions’ West Yellow Creek meter station.  Installed a 220MMCFD capacity meter station and injection pumps for the project.  Scope of work included layout, site/civil, piping, fabrication, installation, flange torqueing, and instrumentation installation.  Pipe sizes included 16” .500 wall, 10” .500 wall, 8” and 6”.  Flanges installed were all 1500 series. 
  • Installation of two 90,000 gallon LPG tanks and piping for Seminole Energy.  Scope of work included site/civil, tank foundations, lifting and setting vessels in place, piping and pipe foundations.  Fabrication and installation of catwalks and ladders.
  • Installation of gas house piping and manifolding for Diversified CPC in Georgia.
  • Fabrication and installation of one of our custom built vapor recovery units to recover truck vapors for Seminole Energy.
  • Re-conditioning and installation of a 15gpm Amine unit for Premier Natural Resources in Simpson County, Mississippi.
  • Relocation and installation of a 30,000 gallon LPG tank and a 12,000 gallon LPG tank for Tellus Operating Group’s South Trenton project, Smith County, Mississippi.
  • Hook-up of two 90,000 LPG storage tanks for Rosetta Resources in Catarina, TX.
  • Tie in to Destin Pipeline for Treetop Midstream’s Hiwannee gas system.  Scope of work included excavation and installation of 6” pipe and valving from the BP Destin system to Treetop’s system.
  • Installed (3) 6300 gal LPG tanks along with strctural steel erection and fabrication. Scope included permitting, site civil, foundations, tank instillation, piping and pipe fabrication.
  • Installed a new 1500HP KBZ2 CO2 compressor for Treetop Midstream at its Raleigh facility.
  • Installed (3) 3516 CAT Arial compressors for Treetop Midstream in Lamar Co., Ms. Scope of work included demo of old piping and seporators, layout, site civil, equipment setting, pipe fabrication and installation.
  • Completed demo and removal of an N2 rejection plant in Kentucky.

For a full list of completed jobs and a resume, please contact us at 601-849-9218.