Straight Time Overtime
Superintendent/Technician W/ 1/2 ton truck: $75.00/hr N/A
Foreman: $48.00/hr $57.50/hr
Laborer/Roustabout $36.00/hr $44.50/hr
Truck driver $35.00/hr $46.00/hr
Equipment Operator $42.00/hr $53.00/hr
Welder W/rig: $72.00/hr $85.00/hr
Mechanic W/truck and tools $75.00/hr $86.00/hr
Project manager $90.00/hr $112.50/hr
CADD drafter $55.00/hr $68.75/hr
Project engineer $95.00/hr $118.75/hr
3/4 ton crew truck $25.00/hr  
1 ton crew truck with tools $42.00/hr  
1 ton truck W/driver (to pull trailers) $35.00/hr  
36 ton boom truck $80.00/hr  
10 ton oilfield winch truck with 3 axle lowboy $125.00/hr  
24 cubic yard dump truck $90.00/hr  
Ridged 700 threader $75.00/day  
Ridged 535 threader $150/day  
Ridged 2 ½ to 4" threader $75.00/day  
Chain saw $80.00/day  
5 KW generator $75/day  
12 KW generator $175/day  
15 cfm @ 175# air compressor (for impact wrench or paint gun) $50.00/day  
Poly-pipe trailer $150.00/day  
Poly-pipe fusion machine (2” to 4”) $175.00/day  
Tandem 5 ton trailer $75.00/day  
Tandem 5 ton trailer $125.00/day  
Tandem 7 ton trailer $150.00/day  
Backhoe/loader $40.00/hr  
John Deere 450 LGP dozer $58.00/hr  
Abrasive blasting rig W/paint equipment $110.00/hr  
15 ton boom truck $60.00/hr  
Mileage charges will apply for travel in excess of 50 miles from shop $1.15/mile (¾ and 1 ton truck) $1.50/mile (2 ½ ton truck)
Other equipment available upon request.    
Per Diem for overnight stay: $130.00/man  
• 4 hour minimum for all labor and equipment.
• Overtime charges will apply on weekends and after 10 hours on weekdays.
• Charges are billed shop to shop from Magee, MS (39111).
• Invoices are Net 30 days unless prior arrangements are negotiated.
• There will be a 17% handling fee for all materials purchased by SEEP for use on customer projects.
• Geo-Chemical sampling quoted by request. Contact office for further information.
• Copies of proof of insurance available upon request.