Geo-Chemical Exploration Services

Our Goal:
To provide the utmost quality in sample acquisition and customer services as mandated by GRDC and to ensure customer satisfaction with the services rendered.

SEEP surface geo-chem surveys are provided by competent survey crews and what may well be the best analytical team in the business, GRDC Inc.

It is the goal of Southeastern E&P Services, Inc. to provide quality geochemical services to oil and gas operators in the Southeast US.  As an independent contractor for GRDC, Inc. of Lakewood Colorado, we endeavor to provide the best in geo-chemical technology available.  Southeastern E&P Services, Inc. provides services in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. For surveys in other areas, contact us at 601-849-9218 and we will refer you to your nearest representative or give GRDC, Inc. a call directly.

STEP Theory:

To our knowledge, no single Surface Technique for the Exploration of Petroleum (STEP) can tell the “Operator” if an oil or gas accumulation is commercial, with appreciable objectivity.  However, properly applied multiparameter STEP techniques should be able to demonstrate if a potential drill site will be dry or just have minor shows.  This is irrespective of how good the geology and seismic pictures are.  Accuracy in this area approaches 100%.

If you are unfamiliar with geochem techniques, please contact us for a consultation and explanation of the STEP theory and the technology as it relates to hydrocarbon exploration and what it can do for your exploration program.  Of course, if there are any technical questions, we would encourage you to contact Mr. Al Gallagher at GRDC, Inc. 

Thanks for taking the time to review this valuable information.  We hope we can help reduce your dry hole risk for you and your investors. 


Employee with sample acquisition unit surveying in north Louisiana.  Also shown is survey results methane presentation.